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LargePictureName[ ] property for PowerScript controls


ListView controls


PowerBuilder stores ListView images in several indexed arrays
of images. You can associate an image with a specific ListView item
when you create a ListView in the painter or use the AddItem and InsertItem functions
at execution time.

You identify a specific image by its index number. Because
the same index number refers to both the large picture and the small
picture for the item (depending on which view is selected), you
need to make sure the images for each position in the array are
compatible.The type of image used is determined by the value of
the View property of the control.


In a painter

proc.png To specify images for the Large Icon view

  1. Select the Large Picture tab page from
    the ListView control’s Properties view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In
      the rows provided in the Picture Name field, type the complete path and
      name of the files containing the desired pictures.

    • Use the Browse button.

    • Select one or more pictures from the Stock Pictures

    The order of the picture names specified here should match
    the picture name order used for the Small Icon view.

  3. Use the row numbers from this Picture Name list
    to specify the Picture Index for each List View Item on the Items
    tab page.

In scripts

The LargePictureName property takes a string value. You cannot
use the LargePictureName property to update the image list during
execution. Use the AddLargePicture function to
add large pictures to a ListView control. For example:

When you add a large picture to a ListView control, it is
given the next available picture index in the ListView.

For more information about scripting ListView controls, see “Using
ListView controls” in Application Techniques.

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