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Language database parameter


For those interfaces that support it, specifies the language
you want to use when connecting to your target database.

note.png When to specify Language

You must specify the Language parameter before connecting
to the database. The Language setting takes effect when you connect
to the database.


  • ASE, SYC SAP Adaptive
    Server Enterprise

  • DIR Sybase DirectConnect





When you specify a value for Language, PowerBuilder:

  • Allocates a CS_LOCALE
    structure for this connection

  • Sets the CS_SYB_LANG value to
    the language you specify

  • Sets the SQL Server
    CS_LOC_PROP connection property with the new locale

If you have previously set a value for the Locale parameter,
which includes settings for the language and character set you want
the Open Client software to use, you can override the language value
by specifying a new value for the Language parameter and reconnecting
to the database.

Unicode data access

PowerBuilder can
access Unicode data in an Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.5
or higher Unicode database or in Unicode columns in ASE 12.5 or
higher. PowerBuilder converts between double-byte character set (DBCS)
data and Unicode automatically, provided that the Language and CharSet
parameters are set with DBCS values (or the Locale parameter is
set with DBCS values).

For example:


To set the Language parameter to French:

  • Database profile

    Type French in the Language
    box on the Connection page or Regional Settings page in the Database
    Profile Setup dialog box.

  • Application

    Type the following in code:

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