ItemPictureIndex[ ] – PB Docs 126

ItemPictureIndex[ ] property for PowerScript controls


PictureListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, ListView


The ItemPictureIndex property array identifies the pictures
associated with items in the control. This array is not updated
after initialization.


In a painter

proc.png To associate pictures with list items:

  1. Display the Pictures tab page in the control’s
    Properties view and add the pictures to be used in the control to
    the PictureName list.

    For ListView controls, add pictures to the PictureName lists
    on the LargePicture, SmallPicture, and State tab pages.

  2. Display the Items tab page in the Properties view
    and add text to the Item list.

  3. In the ItemPictureIndex list, add the index number
    for a picture (from the PictureName lists) on the appropriate lines
    for the items with which you want to associate pictures.

In scripts

You add pictures to controls with the AddPicture function
and add items to these controls with the AddItem or InsertItem functions.
You use picture indexes in the AddItem and InsertItem functions
to associate pictures with the items. See “Using Lists
in a Window” in Application Techniques for
more information.

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