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HTMLDW DataWindow object property


Specifies whether HTML generated for the DataWindow object
provides updates and interactivity.


DataWindow objects


PowerBuilder dot notation:

Describe and Modify argument:




The value to be assigned to the property. Value can
be a quoted DataWindow expression.

Values are:

  • Yes – DataWindow
    HTML generation uses the HTMLGen properties.

  • No – DataWindow HTML generation is a read-only. table
    as described for the Data.HTMLTable property.


When HTMLDW is set to Yes, the generated HTML supports data
entry and takes advantage of browser features that enable user interaction
when used with a page server (as described for the Data.HTML property).
The generated HTML can be used to produce a page that displays a
subset of retrieved rows and can include JavaScript code requesting
additional pages with other subsets of the retrieved rows.

The resulting HTML can be used as a Web DataWindow control,
which is a cooperation between a server component, a page server,
and a client Web browser. The server component produces the HTML
and the page server incorporates it into a Web page.

note.png HTMLDW set to Yes

The HTMLDW property is set to Yes automatically when you create
an instance of the generic Web DataWindow server component (DataWindow/HTMLGenerator126
for EAServer). In this case,
you do not need to set this property in the DataWindow painter or
in a script.

The user interacts with the DataWindow in the client browser,
and actions produced by buttons in the DataWindow object are sent
back to the page server. The page server calls methods of the server
component to request processing for the data in the DataWindow object,
including applying actions, updating data, and scrolling to other

For more information, see the DataWindow Programmers
. To affect the level of DataWindow features in
the resulting HTML, or to produce master/detail links between
two Web DataWindow controls, see

DataWindow features that will not be rendered into HTML include:

  • Graph, OLE, and RichText presentation styles and

  • Client-side expressions that include aggregate functions.
    Aggregate functions cannot be evaluated in the browser. Instead,
    they will be evaluated on the server and the resulting value included
    in the HTML.

  • Resizable and movable controls.

  • Sliding of controls to fill empty space.

  • Autosizing of height or width.

  • EditMasks for column data entry.

In the painter

Select the DataWindow object by deselecting all controls;
then select or clear the Web DataWindow check box on the General
tab in the Properties view.


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