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How to use the XML Web DataWindow

The easiest way to use the XML Web DataWindow in your Web
applications is to do the following:

  1. Create a new DataWindow object or select an existing
    DataWindow object that you want to display in a Web browser.

    For information, see “Designing DataWindow objects
    for the Web DataWindow”

  2. Set JavaScript Generation properties for the static
    JavaScript of the XML Web DataWindow if you have not already done

    For information, see “Using JavaScript caching
    for Web DataWindow methods”

    note.png Reusing static JavaScript for the XML Web DataWindow

    If you are using the static JavaScript caching feature that
    was introduced with the HTML Web DataWindow, then you must regenerate
    and redeploy this static JavaScript for the XML Web DataWindow (and
    the XHTML Web DataWindow). You need to do this only once.

  3. In the Web server’s root publishing folder,
    create distinct Web publishing folders (for static JavaScript) and
    JavaScript publishing folders (for dynamic JavaScript) and set the
    Web and JavaScript Generation properties (that point to these folders)
    for your DataWindow.

    If you do not create these folders, the generator creates
    them for you. If you do not set these properties, then the default
    object model creates a temp publishing folder _tmp automatically.

  4. In the Java implementation for your JSP page, ensure
    you are calling the GenerateXMLWeb method on the server component
    to request the XML generation format.

    The XML generation format results in the separate generation
    of data and presentation in XML and XSLT for transformation to XHTML,
    and is the optimal format for the XML Web DataWindow.

    For an example of a JSP page calling the GenerateXMLWeb method,
    see the XML WebDataWindow Code Sample in the DataWindow N-Tier section
    on the CodeXchange Web site

  5. Display the results in the browser by typing in
    the URL.

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