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Global Web Configuration Properties

A set of global properties is available for .NET Web Services.

Global properties are set in web.config, which is
deployed to the …wwwrootapplication_name folder
by the .NET Web Service project. You cannot set global properties in script.

This table lists global properties that you can set for .NET Web Service

Property Default value Description
LogFolder WebAppDir..appName_rootlog Folder that contains the PBTrace.log
FileFolder WebAppDir..appName_rootfile Base directory for the virtual file manager. It contains the
FileCommon directory structure and files that mirror
paths for the application resource files on the development computer.

If you
switch to Copy mode, a sessionID directory is created
under the FileSession directory that mirrors the
FileCommon directory structure and file

PrintFolder WebAppDir..appName_rootprint Base directory for files that your application prints in PDF
PBWebFileProcessMode Share Share mode maintains files in a read-only state when a write
file operation is not explicitly coded. If an application requires multiple
file operations, you might want to change this property setting to Copy mode.
PBCurrentDir c: Specifies the current directory for the Web Service.
PBTempDir c: emp A temporary directory under the virtual file root on the
PBLibDir c:~pl_ The directory on the server where dynamic libraries are
PBDenyDownloadFolders c:~pl_ A semicolon-delimited string of directory names.
PBTrace Enabled Indicates whether to log exceptions thrown by the
application. Values are Enabled or Disabled.
PBTraceTarget File Defines where to log exceptions thrown by the
application. Values are File or EventLog.
PBTraceFileName PBTrace.log Name of the file that logs exceptions thrown by the
application. By default, this file is saved to the
directory under the virtual root directory on the
PBEventLogID 1100 The event ID if exceptions are logged to the EventLog.
PBDeleteTempFileInterval 600 (minutes) Sets the number of minutes before temporary files created by
composite DataWindows are deleted. A value of 0 prevents the temporary files
from being deleted.

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