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GetSeriesStyle method (Graphs in DataWindows)

Finds out the appearance of a series in a graph. The
appearance settings for individual data points can override the
series settings, so the values obtained from GetSeriesStyle might
not reflect the current state of the graph. There are several syntaxes,
depending on what settings you want.



Get the series’ colors

Web ActiveX

The method is called GetSeriesStyleColor.

Syntax 1

Get the line style and width used by
the series

Web ActiveX

The method is called GetSeriesStyleLine.

Syntax 2

Get the fill pattern for the series

Web ActiveX

The method is called GetSeriesStyleFill.

Syntax 3

Get the symbol for data points in the

Web ActiveX

The method is called GetSeriesStyleSymbol.

Syntax 4

Find out if the series is an overlay
(a series shown as a line on top of another graph type)

Web ActiveX

The method is called GetSeriesStyleOverlay.

Syntax 5

GetSeriesStyle provides information about
a series. The data points in the series can have their own style
settings. Use SetSeriesStyle to change the style
values for a series. Use GetDataStyle to get
style information for a data point and SetDataStyle to
override series settings and set style information for individual data

The graph stores style information for properties that do
not apply to the current graph type. For example, you can find out
the fill pattern for a data point or a series in a two-dimensional
line graph, but that fill pattern will not be visible.

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