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Generating Java classes in the Project painter

Before you generate Java classes for your custom class user
objects, you must create them in the User Object painter.

You also need to build a server application that includes
the custom class user objects (and any other objects they reference).
You can build the server application before or after you generate
Java classes in the Project painter.

Once you’ve built and tested the custom class user
objects in PowerBuilder, you can generate Java classes:

proc.gif To generate Java classes in the Project painter:

  1. Open the New dialog box and select Java
    Proxy from the Projects tab page.

  2. Select Edit>Select Objects from the menu

  3. Check the library or libraries that contain the
    custom class user objects you want to generate.

  4. Check the custom class user objects that you want
    to generate from and click OK.

  5. Select Edit>Properties from the menu

  6. (General tab) Specify the deployment pathname
    and the package name.

    The package specification is relative to the deployment pathname specified
    earlier. If these directories do not exist, the JavaBeans proxy generator
    creates them.

  7. (General tab) Optionally enter a comment.

  8. (Compile Options tab) Specify whether to generate
    bytecode (.class file). The default is Java source code (.java file).

    If you generate bytecode, you can specify additional options,
    including the Java compiler to use.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Select Design>Build Project from the
    menu bar.


    Click the Build button on the PainterBar.

    The JavaBeans proxy generator creates source or bytecode files

    • All specified custom class user objects
    • Ancestor user objects
    • Global structures implemented as public instance
      variables or in public function signatures

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