Generating Jaguar proxy objects – PB Docs 70

Generating Jaguar proxy objects

About Jaguar proxy objects

Each Jaguar component has a corresponding proxy object in
the client application. To access a Jaguar component, you need to
communicate through the Jaguar proxy.

Before you can generate proxy objects for a Jaguar client,
you need to create a new project. The new project lists the objects
that will be included and specifies the name of the output library
that will contain the generated proxy objects.

Using the Jaguar Proxy wizard

The Jaguar Proxy wizard helps create projects for building
Jaguar proxy objects. It allows you to connect to a Jaguar server
and select the components you want to be able to access from the
client. Once you’ve created the project, you can then use
the Project painter to modify your project settings and build the
proxy library.

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