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FontCharSet property for PowerScript controls


Controls that can display text


This property specifies the font character set to be used
for the text in the control. Character sets and font typefaces are
related, so choosing the wrong character set can cause a different
font to be used than the one expected.

When working in a painter, setting the font face name property
causes the correct character set to be selected.


In a painter

proc.png To set the font character set:

  1. Select a font character set from the FontCharSet
    list box on the Font tab page of the control’s Properties

proc.png To set the font character set of text objects
in a graph control:

  1. Display the Text tab page of the graph
    control’s Properties view.

  2. Select the desired text object from the Text Object
    list box.

  3. Select a font character set from the FontCharSet
    list box.

In scripts

The FontCharSet takes a value of the FontCharSet enumerated
datatype. The following example sets the character set for a static
text control to ANSI:

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