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Detail section

The Detail section contains the rendering of the DataWindow
Detail band, delimited by the first <div> element.
The <div> element’s contents represent
a single row instance to be generated iteratively. Any group trailers,
summary band, and footer band are also appended and enclosed by <div> elements.
The controls rendered in the Detail section (for example, column,
computed field, DropDownDataWindow, DropDownListBox, checkbox, and
button controls) are usually also generated within <div>, <input>,
or <select> elements with referenced content.

The Detail section can contain the items listed in Table 6-13.

Table 6-13: Items permitted in the Detail
section of an XHTML document



First <div> element

The contents of the <div> element
represent a single row instance to be generated iteratively.

XHTML elements

Additional elements below the root element.

DataWindow control references

Text. See “DataWindow controls”.

DataWindow expressions

Text. See “DataWindow expressions”.

Literal text

Text that does not correspond to a DW


Can be assigned to all elements. See “Element attributes”.

CDATA sections

See “CDATA sections”.

Child elements

Child elements in the Header section
cannot be iterative except in the case of group DataWindows.

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