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Deployment of a Windows Forms Application

a .NET Windows Forms project is open in the Project painter, you
can select Design > Deploy Project or the Deploy icon on the PainterBar
to deploy the project.

When all painters are closed, including the
Project painter, you can right-click a .NET Windows Forms target
or project in the System Tree and select Deploy from its pop-up
menu. If the target has more than one project, specify which of
them to deploy when you select Deploy from the target�s context menu on the Deploy tab page in the target�s Properties
dialog box.

The Output window displays the progress of the deployment.
PowerBuilder compiles PBLs into PBD files when they contain DataWindow,
Query, or Pipeline objects that are referenced in the application.
The application and its supporting files are deployed to the location
specified in the Output Path field on the General page.

Among the files deployed is a file with the name appname.exe.config,
where appname is the name of your application.
This file is a .NET configuration file that defines application
settings. For a sample configuration file that includes database
configuration settings for an ADO.NET connection, see Connecting to Your Database > Using the ADO.NET Interface. The
sample shows how to configure tracing in the appname.exe.config file,
as shown in Runtime Errors

If there are any unsupported properties, functions, or events
that are used in the application that are not supported in PowerBuilder
.NET Windows Forms applications, they display on the Unsupported
Features tab page in the Output view. For more information, see Unsupported Features in Windows Forms Projects

If the application uses features that might cause it to run
incorrectly, they display on the Warnings tab page in the Output
view. For a list of restrictions, most of which apply to both Windows
and Web Forms applications, see Best Practices for .NET Projects

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