Deploying the server application – PB Docs 70

Deploying the server application

You must use dynamic libraries

When you are ready to create an executable version of your
server application, you need to create a dynamic library
for your PBL

. Because the remote objects you define are
not referenced by the server, but only by the client, they will
not be included if you generate only an executable (EXE) file. Therefore,
you must create a dynamic library to be sure that these objects
are included when you deploy the server application.

Verifying that objects have been included

To make sure your server application contains all the necessary
objects, you can display the list of included objects after you
build a project. To do this, select Design>List Objects
from the menu bar in the Project painter.

For complete instructions on creating an executable
version of your application, see the PowerBuilder User’s


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