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Defining the SQL Anywhere data source

When you create a local SQL Anywhere
database, PowerBuilder automatically creates the data source definition
and database profile for you. Therefore, you need only use the following
procedure to define a SQL Anywhere
data source when you want to access a SQL Anywhere
database not created using PowerBuilder on your computer.

proc.png To define a SQL Anywhere
data source for the SQL Anywhere

  1. Select Create ODBC Data Source from the
    list of ODBC utilities in the Database Profiles dialog box or the
    Database painter.

  2. Select User Data Source and click Next.

  3. On the Create New Data Source page, select the SQL Anywhere driver and click Finish.

    The ODBC Configuration for SQL Anywhere
    dialog box displays:

  4. You must supply the following values:

    • Data source name on the ODBC tab page

    • User ID and password on the Login tab page

    • Database file on the Database tab page

    Use the Help button to get information about fields in the
    dialog box.

  5. (Optional) To select an ODBC translator to translate
    your data from one character set to another, click the Select button
    on the ODBC tab.

    See “Selecting an ODBC translator”.

  6. Click OK to save the data source definition.

Specifying a Start Line value

When the SQL Anywhere
ODBC driver cannot find a running personal or network database server
using the PATH variable and Database Name setting, it uses the commands
specified in the Start Line field to start the database servers.

Specify one of the following commands in the Start Line field
on the Database tab page, where n is the version
of SQL Anywhere you are using.

this command



Start the personal database server and
the database specified in the Database File box


Start the restricted runtime database
server and the database specified in the Database File box

For information on completing the ODBC Configuration For SQL
Anywhere dialog box, see the SQL Anywhere

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