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Default property for PowerScript controls


CommandButton, PictureButton, OLECustomControl controls


The Default property specifies that the control is the default
button. If Default is true, the selected control
has a thick border and receives a Clicked event when the user presses
Enter (unless the user has tabbed to another control). If Default
is false, the control is not the default and
pressing Enter does not affect it unless the user tabs to it.

note.png Setting focus

If the window contains an editable field, such as a MultiLineEdit,
then the default button behaves as expected (receives the Clicked
event when the user presses Enter) when focus is on the editable
field. When the user presses Tab to move focus to another button
(not the default), pressing Enter fires the Clicked event for the
button that currently has focus.

If the window does not contain an editable field, use SetFocus or
tab order to make sure the default button behaves as documented

You can make a CommandButton, PictureButton, or OLECustomControl control
the default button so that it responds to the Enter key. If you
check Default for more than one control, the last one set acts as
the default.


In a painter

proc.png To enable the Default property

  1. Select the Default check box on the General
    page of the control’s Properties view.

In scripts

The Default property takes a boolean value. To set a PictureButton
as the default button, use a line like the following:

Document get from Powerbuilder help
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