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Datatypes of DataWindow property expressions in PowerBuilder

DataWindow property values

The values of DataWindow object properties are strings. These
strings can contain numeric or yes/no values, but the values
you access are strings, not integers or boolean values.

Although the property values are really strings, the PowerScript
compiler allows you to assign numbers and boolean values to properties
whose strings represent numeric values or contain yes/no
strings. This does not mean the datatype is integer or boolean.
It is just a convenience when assigning a value to the property.

For example, both of these statements are correct:

DataWindow property expressions

In PowerBuilder, the datatype of a property expression is
Any (not string), but the value of the data in the Any variable
is a string. This may sound like an unnecessary distinction, but
it does matter when you use a property expression as a method argument.
If the method does not accept an Any variable as an argument, you
might need to use the String function to cast
the data to the correct datatype.

For example, because the MessageBox function
accepts a string argument not an Any datatype, the property expression
is enclosed in a String conversion function:

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