Datatypes for method arguments and return values – PB Docs 126

Datatypes for method arguments and return values

Primitive types

JScript supports three primitive datatypes:

  • string

  • number

  • boolean

Method arguments and return values and event parameters are
one of these basic types, or an object type.

DataWindow methods that deal with specific datatypes, such
as GetItemDecimal, are not available for the Web ActiveX. Instead,
you use the method that handles the more general data type, such
as GetItemNumber.

Date datatypes

PowerBuilder has several date and time datatypes, but in JScript
these all map to the Date object.

Enumerated datatypes

PowerBuilder enumerated datatypes have named values, but in
JScript, each value is a number. The list of numbers (and their
meaning) is documented in the DataWindow Reference for
each enumerated data type.

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