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Custom Permission Settings

You can set custom permissions for .NET Windows
Forms applications and for .NET Web Service components, in the Project
painter Security tab.

Most of the permission classes that you can customize are defined in the System.Security.Permissions namespace. For more information on these permission classes, see the Microsoft Web site at

  • Adding Permissions in the .NET Framework Configuration Tool
    The list of permissions that display in the Security tab permissions list box is the same as the list in the “Everything” permission set of the .NET Framework 4.0 SDK Configuration tool runtime security policy.
  • EnvironmentPermission
    In a .NET Windows Forms application, you must have minimal �Read� EnvironmentPermission settings if your application uses the GetContextKeywords function.
  • EventLogPermission
    EventLogPermission settings are required for the PBTraceTarget global property for .NET targets.
  • FileDialogPermission
    FileDialogPermission settings are required for the GetFileOpenName and GetFileSaveName functions in Windows Forms targets.
  • FileIOPermission
    FileIOPermission settings are required for PowerScript system functions in Windows Forms targets.
  • PrintingPermission
    PrintingPermission settings are required for PowerScript system functions in Windows Forms targets.
  • ReflectionPermission
    ReflectionPermission settings are required for PowerScript reflection functions and objects in .NET targets.
  • RegistryPermission
    RegistryPermission settings are required for system registry functions and MLSync object functions in .NET targets.
  • SecurityPermission
    Execution permission is required for a SecurityPermission setting on all .NET applications and for any managed code that you want a user to run.
  • SMTPPermission
    An SMTPPermission setting is required for the MailSession object log on function in .NET targets.
  • SocketPermission
    A SocketPermission setting is required for the Connection object ConnectToServer function in .NET targets.
  • SQLClientPermission
    A SocketPermission setting is required for the database connection feature in .NET targets.
  • UIPermission
    The Unrestricted UIPermission setting is required for Windows Forms applications, although you can customize the setting to use a combination of AllowDrop and AllWindow permission values.
  • WebPermission
    WebPermission settings are required for features and functions in .NET targets.
  • Custom Permission Types
    Permission types that you can customize on the Security tab page of the Project painter (besides the permissions described elsewhere in this appendix) have no direct impact on PowerScript functions or properties in .NET targets.
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