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CSSGen.property DataWindow object property


Settings that specify the physical path to which a generated
CSS style sheet is published and the URL where the style sheet is


DataWindow objects


PowerBuilder dot notation:

Describe and Modify argument:




One of the following:

  • PublishPath

  • ResourceBase

  • SessionSpecific


(exp) PublishPath – a
string that specifies the physical path of the Web site folder to
which the DataWindow server publishes the generated CSS style sheet

(exp) ResourceBase – a string
that specifies the URL of the generated CSS style sheet to be referenced
in a link element in the XHTML page

(exp) SessionSpecific – a boolean
that when set to “yes” forces a session–specific
ID to be applied to any generated document names that would otherwise
be shared


The PublishPath folder must correspond to the URL specified
in the ResourceBase property. At runtime, after the DataWindow server generates
the CSS style sheet to the PublishPath folder, it includes it in
the final XHTML page by referencing it with the ResourceBase property
in a <link> element.

Typically you share style (CSS), layout (XSLT), and control
definitions (JS) for use by all clients; however, if you use dynamic
DataWindow objects customized for specific clients, you can force
generation of the DataWindow presentation–related document
names to be specific to each client. You do this by setting the
CSSGen.SessionSpecific property to “yes”. This
eliminates the possibility of server-side contention for presentation
formats when the DataWindow generation is specific to the client.

In the painter

In the Web Generation tab in the Properties view for the DataWindow
object, select CSS from the Format to Configure list, specify the Resource
Base and Publish Path locations, and check the Session-specific
CSS, XSLT and JS file names check box if you want to force generation
of client–specific names.


These statements set the CSSGen.ResourceBase and
CSSGen.PublishPath properties:

This statement sets the CSSGen.SessionSpecific property
for a JSP page:

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