Creating reports – PB Docs 126

Creating reports

You can use DataWindow objects to create standard business
reports such as financial statements, sales order reports, employee
lists, or inventory reports.

To create a production report, you:

  • Determine the type of report
    you want to produce

  • Build a DataWindow object to display data for the

  • Place the DataWindow object in a DataWindow control
    on a window or form

  • Write code to perform the processing required to
    populate the DataWindow control and print the contents as a report

note.png Calling InfoMaker from an application

If your users have installed InfoMaker (the Sybase reporting
product), you can invoke InfoMaker from an application. This way
you can let your users create and save their own reports. To do
this in PowerBuilder, use the Run function. For information about
invoking InfoMaker, see the InfoMaker Users

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