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Creating and saving templates

Creating a new default template

To create a new default XHTML export template, select New
Default from the pop-up menu in the Export Template view for XHTML.


A new default XHTML export template has the following elements:


Name defaults to

Root <form>

DataWindow name_dataForm

Header <div>

DataWindow name_band1

Detail <div>

DataWindow name_bandn

Summary <div>

DataWindow name_bandn

Footer <div>

DataWindow name_bandn

Child elements of the Header, Detail, Summary,
and Footer elements

Name of each DataWindow control.

Saving the template

To save
a new default template, select Save from the pop-up menu in the Export
Template view for XHTML, name the template, and provide a comment that
identifies its use.


The template is stored inside the DataWindow object in the PBL. After saving a template with
a DataWindow object, you can see its definition in the Source editor
for the DataWindow object. For example, this is part of the source
for a DataWindow that has two templates. The templates have required
elements only:

note.png Defining multiple templates

You can define multiple templates for a single DataWindow
object. One reason you might do this is to vary the edit styles
generated for the same DataWindow edit control.

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