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Controlling display

You control table display and style sheet usage through the HTMLTable.GenerateCSS
property. The HTMLTable.GenerateCSS property controls the downward
compatibility of the HTML found in the HTMLTable property. If HTMLTable.GenerateCSS
is FALSE, formatting (style sheet references) is not referenced
in the HTMLTable property; if it is TRUE, the HTMLTable property
includes elements that reference the cascading style sheet saved
in HTML.StyleSheet.

This screen shows an HTML table in a browser using custom
display features:


HTMLTable.GenerateCSS is TRUE

If the HTMLTable.GenerateCSS property is TRUE, the HTMLTable
element in the HTMLTable property uses additional properties to
customize table display. For example, suppose you specify the following

note.png Describe, Modify, and dot notation

You can access these properties by using the Modify and Describe
PowerScript methods or by using dot notation.

The HTML syntax in the HTMLTable property includes table formatting information
and class references for use with the style sheet:

HTMLTable.GenerateCSS is FALSE

If HTMLTable.GenerateCSS is FALSE, the DataWindow does not
use HTMLTable properties to create the Table element. For example,
if GenerateCSS is FALSE, the HTML syntax for the HTMLTable property
might look like this:

Merging HTMLTable with the style sheet

The HTML syntax contained in the HTMLTable property is incomplete:
it is not wrapped in <HTML></HTML> elements
and does not contain the style sheet. You can write code in your
application to build a string representing a complete HTML page.

PowerBuilder example

This example sets DataWindow properties, creates an HTML string,
and returns it to the browser:

This technique provides control over HTML page content. Use
this technique as an alternative to calling the SaveAs method with
the HTMLTable! Enumeration.

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