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Configuring ASP.NET for a .NET Web Service Project

Configure .NET Web Service projects in the same way you configure .NET Web Forms projects.


ASP.NET configuration includes making sure the Web server has a compatible version of IIS and that the 2.0 version of ASP.NET is selected for your Web service components. .NET Web Service projects also use the same directory structure on the server as .NET Web Forms projects.

For information on installing IIS and setting the default version of ASP.NET, see ASP.NET Configuration for a .NET Project

. For information on the directory structure for deployed projects, see Directory Structure on the Server.

SQL Anywhere database connections

If you set up a database connection for your Web service components, you configure the connection in the same way as for a Web Forms application. See Setting Up a SQL Anywhere Database Connection.

Global properties

Most of the global properties for Web Forms applications that do not involve visual controls also apply to Web service components. The following global properties can be used by Web service projects:

  • LogFolder
  • FileFolder
  • PrintFolder
  • PBWebFileProcessMode
  • PBCurrentDir
  • PBTempDir
  • PBLibDir
  • PBDenyDownloadFolders
  • PBCommandParm
  • PBTrace
  • PBTraceTarget
  • PBTraceFileName
  • PBMaxSession
  • PBEventLogID
  • PBDeleteTempFileInterval

See Viewing and Modifying Global Properties in the IIS Manager

and Global Web Configuration Properties

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