Coding for the Web ActiveX – PB Docs 126

Coding for the Web ActiveX

You can write scripts in the Web page to manipulate the DataWindow
data and presentation. The methods and events are similar to those
available in a standard DataWindow, but the events have been renamed
to match JavaScript naming conventions.

The properties, methods, and events—as well as the
DataWindow object properties and expression functions—are
documented in the DataWindow Reference.

You can see a list of the properties, methods, and events
for the controls on the Components page of the System Tree or in
another tool for examining ActiveX controls.

The Script editor lets you write scripts for all events of
the Web ActiveX.

proc.png To write a script for a particular event in:

  1. In Page view, select a Web ActiveX that
    you have inserted in the Web page

    the Script editor, select the name of the DataWindow Web ActiveX
    in the leftmost drop-down list.

  2. In the Script editor, select an event from the
    second drop-down list. The drop-down list shows the event name and
    the parameters whose values are available in the script.

  3. In the third drop-down list, select JScript as
    the scripting language.

  4. Write code for the event. To call methods or access
    properties without typing, drag them from the Page tab of the System
    Tree to the editor.

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