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Choosing a Windows Forms Application Target

Windows Forms applications with the smart client feature combine the
reach of the Web with the power of local computing hardware. They provide a rich user
experience, with a response time as quick as the response times of equivalent client-server

The smart client feature simplifies application deployment and updates, and can
take advantage of SAP�’s MobiLink� technology to provide occasionally connected

This table shows some of the advantages and disadvantages of
Windows Forms applications with and without the smart client feature.

Application type Advantages Disadvantages
Windows Forms
  • Rich user experience
  • Quicker response time
  • Availability of client-side resources, such
    as 3D animation
  • Offline capability
  • Requires client-side installation
  • Difficult to upgrade
Windows Forms with smart client
  • Same advantages as Windows Forms without
    smart client feature
  • Easy to deploy and upgrade
  • Requires first time client-side
Note: The PowerBuilder� smart client feature makes Windows Forms applications easy to upgrade while maintaining the advantages of quick response times and the ability to use local resources. For more information, see Intelligent Deployment and Update.

Although PowerBuilder� Classic continues to support traditional client-server as
well as distributed applications, it also provides you with the ability to transform
these applications into Windows Forms applications with relative

  • How .NET Deployment Works
    When you deploy a .NET project, PowerBuilder compiles existing or newly developed PowerScript� code into .NET assemblies.
  • Security Settings
    PowerBuilder applications and components can run in partial trust environments when they are constrained by .NET code access security (CAS) configurations.
  • Strong-Named Assemblies
    PowerBuilder can generate strong-named assemblies from all .NET Project painters.
  • ASP.NET Configuration for a .NET Project
    You can configure ASP.NET for a smart client project before or after you deploy the project to an IIS 5.0 or later server.
  • Checklist for Deployment
    Verify that production servers and target computers meet all requirements for running the .NET targets that you deploy from PowerBuilder Classic.
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