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Choosing a DataWindow technology

Since DataWindow technology can be used in different environments,
it might not be obvious what approach you should take to implement
your data–enabled application. This section describes the
DataWindow technologies available for the basic application architectures
and the requirements for each DataWindow solution.

The basic architectures are:

  • Client/server

    A program running on a client workstation accesses a database
    running on a server. The user interface and business logic reside together
    on the client computer.

  • Distributed application

    The user interface on the client computer calls components
    on a middle-tier server, which execute business logic and access
    the database server.

  • Web application

    A client Web browser sends requests for HTML or JSP documents
    to a Web server. The Web server passes control to a page or application
    server, where server-side scripts can access components on a transaction
    server that can connect to databases on a database server.

  • .NET application

    PowerBuilder lets you deploy DataWindows in Windows Forms
    applications. For more information about .NET applications, see Deploying
    Applications and Components to .NET

  • WPF Window application

    Using the PowerBuilder .NET IDE, you can create Windows Presentation
    Foundation Window applications. This allows you to take advantage
    of XAML and WPF technology. For more information, refer to the PowerBuilder
    .NET documentation.

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