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Changing the DataWindow in PowerBuilder

When you associate a DataWindow object with a control in the
window, you are setting the initial value of the DataWindow control’s
DataObject property.

During execution, this tells your application to create an
instance of the DataWindow object specified in the control’s
DataObject property and use it in the control.

Setting the DataObject property in code

In addition to specifying the DataWindow object in the Window
painter, you can switch the object that displays in the control
during execution by changing the value of the DataObject property
in code.

For example: to display the DataWindow object d_emp_hist
from the library emp.pbl in the DataWindow
control dw_emp, you can code:

The DataWindow object d_emp_hist was created
in the DataWindow painter and stored in a library on the application
search path. The control dw_emp is contained in the window
and is saved as part of the window definition.

note.png Preventing redrawing

You can use the SetRedraw method to turn off redrawing in
order to avoid flicker and reduce redrawing time when you are making
several changes to the properties of an object or control. Dynamically
changing the DataWindow object at execution time implicitly turns
redrawing on. To turn redrawing off again, call the SetRedraw method
every time you change the DataWindow object:

Using PSR files

To put a PSR file into a DataWindow control at execution time,
change the control’s DataObject property to specify that
PSR file name.

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