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BeginY property for PowerScript controls


Line controls


The BeginY property specifies the Y position in PowerBuilder
units of the beginning of the line.

The Y coordinate is the distance from the top edge of the
window or custom user object. If the object is a main window or
custom user object, the distance is relative to the screen. If it
is not a main window, the distance is relative to the parent window
unless it is opened in an MDI frame window, in which case the distance
is relative to the MDI frame.


In a painter

proc.png To specify the beginning Y coordinate of the line:

  1. Insert the line. If you want to change
    the beginning location, change the value of the BeginY field on
    the Position tab page of the line’s Properties view.

In scripts

The BeginY property takes an integer value. The following
example sets the beginning of the line at 500 PowerBuilder units
from the top edge of the window or user object and 1000 PowerBuilder
units from the left edge.:

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