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About the PBODB126 initialization file

What is the PBODB126 initialization file?

When you access data through the ODBC interface, PowerBuilder uses the
PBODB126 initialization file (PBODB126.INI)
to maintain access to extended functionality in the back-end DBMS
for which ODBC does not provide an API call. Examples of extended
functionality are SQL syntax or
function calls specific to a particular DBMS.

Editing PBODB126.INI

In most cases, you do not need to modify PBODB126.INI.
Changes to this file can adversely affect PowerBuilder. Change PBODB126.INI only
if you are asked to do so by a Technical Support representative.

However, you can edit PBODB126.INI if
you need to add functions for your back-end DBMS.

If you modify PBODB126.INI, first make
a copy of the existing file. Then keep a record of all changes you
make. If you call Technical Support after modifying PBODB126.INI,
tell the representative that you changed the file and describe the
changes you made.

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