About native database interfaces – PB Docs 126

About native database interfaces

The native database interfaces provide native connections
to many databases and DBMSs. This chapter describes how the native
database interfaces access these databases.

The native database interfaces are not provided with the Desktop
and Professional editions of PowerBuilder. You can upgrade to PowerBuilder Enterprise
to use the native database interfaces.

For a complete list of the supported native
database interfaces, see “Supported Database Interfaces” in
online Help.

A native database interface is a direct connection to your
data in PowerBuilder.

Each native
database interface uses its own interface DLL to communicate with
a specified database through a vendor-specific database API. For example,
the SQL Native Client interface for Microsoft SQL Server uses a
DLL named PBSNC126.DLL to access the database,
whereas the Oracle 11g database interface accesses
the database through PBORA126.DLL.

In contrast, a standard database interface uses a standard
API to communicate with the database. For example, PowerBuilder can
use a single–interface DLL (PBODB126.DLL)
to communicate with the ODBC Driver Manager and corresponding driver
to access any ODBC data source.

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