About Java data type mappings – PB Docs 70

About Java data type mappings

The JavaBeans proxy generator maps basic PowerBuilder data types
to Java data types or to class types that wrap the PowerScript type:

PowerScript data type Java data type
Boolean java.lang.Boolean
Char or character java.lang.Character
Int or integer java.lang.Short
Uint, Unsignedint, or UnsignedInteger java.lang.Integer
Long java.lang.Integer
Ulong or UnsignedLong java.lang.Long
Real java.lang.Float
Double java.lang.Double
Date com.sybase.dpb.Date
Time com.sybase.dpb.Time
DateTime com.sybase.dpb.DateTime
Decimal java.math.BigDecimal
Blob com.sybase.dpb.Blob
String java.lang.String
Global structure Generated Java class
Any Not supported

The following additional Java class types provide an interface
to the PowerBuilder server application: JDPB_Connection,
JDPB_Instance, JDPB_Reply, and JDPB_Request.
With the exception of JDPB_Connection, you do not reference
these classes in your Java code.

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