About dynamic DataWindow processing – PB Docs 126

About dynamic DataWindow processing


DataWindow objects and all entities in them (such as columns,
text, graphs, and pictures) each have a set of properties. You can
look at and change the values of these properties during execution
using DataWindow methods or property expressions. You can also create
DataWindow objects during execution.

A DataWindow object that is modified or created during execution
is called a dynamic DataWindow object.

note.png About property expressions

Property expressions are available in PowerBuilder and the
Web DataWindow. Property expressions use dot notation to address
properties directly and are evaluated on the server component of
the Web DataWindow.

For the Web ActiveX, property expressions are not available;
use the Describe and Modify methods.

What you can do

Using this dynamic capability, you can allow users to change
the appearance of the DataWindow object (for example, change the
color and font of the text) or create ad hoc queries by redefining
the data source. After you create a dynamic DataWindow object and
the user is satisfied with the way it looks and the data that is
displayed, the user can print the contents as a report.

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