About deploying applications on Windows – PB Docs 70

About deploying applications on Windows

After you have built your application and created its executable
and dynamic library files, you need to set up your users’ machines
to run the application.

Chapter 35, “Packaging an Application
for Deployment”
, has
a checklist of the application and environmental components that
you need to provide to your users. This chapter contains some additional
details about installing these pieces on the Windows platform.

Automating the deployment

If you want to automate the deployment process, you may want
to use a software distribution application such as InstallShield.
Such applications typically install all the executables, resource
files, data sources, and configuration files your users need to
run your application. They also update the users’ initialization
files and registry.

You can use the Synchronizer to enable an application to automatically
update itself with the latest application files at application startup
or system startup. The Synchronizer also provides an ActiveX control
you can use to synchronize files from an application window or in
an HTML page. You can download the Synchronizer and an online Help
file that tells you how to use it from the Sybase website.

note.gif Complete deployment details Some of the following sections include lists of files that
you need to install on your users’ computers. These lists
are provided as guidelines. They do not include all the files you
need in specific deployment scenarios. For example, when you deploy
a PowerBuilder client application to a user’s computer and
a Jaguar or MTS component to a transaction server, there are files
that need to be installed in each location.

For a list of other sources of information about deploying
different kinds of PowerBuilder applications, see “Internet and distributed applications”. For where
to find detailed information about deploying applications built with Enterpise Application Studio tools,
see the Release Notes.

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