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About DataWindow constants

About constants

This section lists the constants that are defined in the DataWindow
control for values of properties and arguments for methods. Constants
have both a name and a numeric value.

What values to use


In PowerBuilder, constants are defined as sets of values associated
with enumerated datatypes. Values for enumerated datatypes always
end with an exclamation point. When an enumerated datatype is specified
as the datatype, you must use the enumerated value. You cannot use
the numeric equivalent.

Web DataWindow

You can use the PowerBuilder enumerated value or an equivalent
string value without the exclamation point. Do not use numeric equivalents.
This example uses a string value without the exclamation point:


In JavaScript, you must use the numeric value. The named values
are not available.

DataWindow object properties

When setting DataWindow properties in PowerBuilder, you use
the numeric value in quoted strings.

How this section is organized

This section lists the values according to the PowerBuilder
enumerated datatypes, so you can see which values are available
for setting a particular type of data. If you know a value’s
name but not the enumerated datatype it belongs to, you can find
the value in the index of this book.

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