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About building a Jaguar client

A PowerBuilder application can act as a client to a Jaguar
CTS server. To access a method associated with a component on the
Jaguar server, the PowerBuilder client needs to connect to the server,
instantiate the component, and invoke the component method.

About using the wizards

PowerBuilder provides two wizards to facilitate the development
of Jaguar clients:

  • Connection
    Object wizard
    Adds code required to connect to the Jaguar server
  • Jaguar Proxy wizard Helps you create projects for building proxy objects for
    the Jaguar components you want to access from the client

About the development process

Steps for building a Jaguar client

To build and deploy a Jaguar client, you need to complete
the following steps:

  1. Use the
    Jaguar Connection Object Wizard (or the Template Application Start
    Wizard) to create a standard class user object inherited from the Connection
    object. You can then use this object in a script to establish a connection.
  2. Use the Jaguar Proxy Wizard to create a project
    for building proxy objects. Then generate the proxy objects.
  3. Create the windows, menus, and scripts required
    to implement the user interface.
  4. Write the code required to create the Jaguar component
    instance and call one or more component methods from the client.
  5. Test and debug the client.
  6. Deploy the application.

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