100 Examples Of Teaching PowerBuilder Basic

100 Examples Of Teaching PowerBuilder Basic

These are almost 100 exercises of the basic powerbuilder lecture textbook. I have updated and edited it again to work fine on powerbuilder PB105 version. These are the basic examples that can be applied from Powerbuilder 9 to Powerbuilder 2019. with pictures attached to each folder

100 Examples Of Teaching PowerBuilder Basic

1-Create Applications Windows And Controls
2-Directory Browser
3-File Browser
4-Picture Browser
5-Drag Icon
6-User Password Authentication
7-Flash Text
8-Screen Saver
9-Waiting Window
10-Control Drag
12-Progress Bar
13-Animation Window
14-Polygon Window
16-Guess Number
17-Electronic Clock
18-Number Use And Time Limit
19-Limit Number Runs
20-Modify System Time
21-Color Dialog
22-IP Address Edit Box
23-Picture Button
24-Help Button
25-Hyperlink Button
27-Create Windows And Menus
28-Graphic Menu
29-MDI Window With Base Map
30-Floating Toolbar
31-Hide And Show The Taskbar
32-Right Click Menu
33-Call HtmlHelp File
34-Dynamic Open Window
35-Dynamic Setting Menu
37-Connect Database
38-Set DataWindow Background Color
39-Set DataWindow Bitmap
40-Report Drawing Display
41-DataWindow Zoom Display
42-Dynamic Change DataWindow Style
45-DropDown DataWindow
46-Create DataWindow Dynamic
47-Modify Data In DataWindow
48-Recover Deleted Data
49-Student Number Sorting
50-DataWindow Sorting
51-DataStore And Share Data
52-Query Conditional
53-Data Query
54-Fuzzy Query
56-Keyboard Simulator
57-Save Data To Word
58-Save Data To Excel
59-Print Preview Report
60-Report Printing
61-DDE Remote Connecting Excel
62-DDE Warm Connection And Hot Connection
63-DDE Communication Between Two PB Applications Server
64-DDE Communication Between Two PB Applications Client
65-Play Sound File
66-Using User Objects Make Group Buttons
67-Standard Class User Objects
68-Calculation Data Table Specific Data
69-Multi Threading Count Process
70-Graphics Button
71-Control Panel
72-Play AVI
73-Custom Hotkeys
74-Get Computer Systems Information
75-DataWindow Button Image
76-User Events Without Event ID
78-Calculate Relative Time
79-Custom Events And Functions User Objects
80-Use OLE Control to Play Multimedia Files
81-OLE Objects Send Data To Excel
82-Graphic Control With Scroll Bar
83-TreeView Control
84-TreeView And Datawindow Data
85-ListView Control
86-Directory Resource Manager
87-Graph Control
88-Graph Control With DataWindow
89-Splash Window
90-Taskbar Icon
91-Create Data Pipeline
92-Data Pipeline Programming
93-Get Host IP Address
94-Create Executable File
95-Generate To HTM
96-Generate Datawindow to HTML
99-Department and Personnel Management System
100-Inventory Management System

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Good Luck!

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2 years ago

Examples that are always for consultation
no matter how old they are
Congratulations on your work

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