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PSRViewer – PowerBuilder Report Viewer

PSRViewer – PowerBuilder Report Viewer PSRViewer – PowerBuilder Report ViewerThe PSR viewer allows you to view PowerBuilder reports that were saved in a file using the PSR file format. Executive Series is written in PowerBuilder and can save reports as PSRs. Also, you can email reports and documents such as Purchase Orders from Executive Series….

PBL Peeper

PBL Peeper PBL Peeper is a Swiss Army knife for PowerBuilder developers. Moreover, this efficient and powerful tool provides a different way to access and manipulate PowerBuilder source code. The general purpose of PBL Peeper is to view, analyze and manipulate the exports of PowerBuilder objects. Download Page PBL Peeper https://pbl-peeper.software.informer.com/4.1/ Good Luck!


PBLview pblview is a free tool for visual PowerBuilder Library File view and explorer. One soft can open every powerbuilder version’s library files and list all objects in tree view, you can select object to see source code details. Home Page pblview http://www.pblsoft.com/#pblview Good Luck!


pblCompare pblCompare is a special tool for visual PowerBuilder Library File comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a PowerBuilder source code comparison tool. pblCompare is used to highlight and report on the changes made between versions of library files used…


PblDump PblDump is a free command line utility for listing and exporting PowerBuilder libraries / FAR plugin for browsing PBL’s. Home Page PblDump http://sqlbatch.com/pd/PblDump source code From Github https://github.com/amoskovsky/pb-pbldump Good Luck!


OptiPBL OptiPBL is a PowerBuider library optimizer. It supports optimizing PBL’s created in PowerBuider 5 – 11. There are two variants of the application: GUI and console version. OptiPBL GUI helps you get started with OptiPBL and allows you to test most of the features. It also can generate for you command line parameters for…


PowerBatch PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder compiler and can be used for batch compiling PowerBuilder projects with a lot of useful options.PowerBatch provides the following features: command line compiling mode support of PowerBuilder 5 – 12 classic and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0 automatic detection of installed PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder version import existing PowerBuilder projects check for duplicate objects…


SmartScripter SmartScripter takes the PowerScript out of your current script painter It analyzes the content It changes the case of the words according to its dictionaries If it cannot find a word in the dictionaries, the user needs to specify the correct case. These new words are again stored in the dictionaries. It replaces the…


SmartPaste SmartPaste is a tool that inserts pieces of text into the active PowerBuilder script painter. Just by one mouseclick you get headers, get- and set-functions and much more automatically pasted into PowerBuilder. All the text that can be pasted is fully configurable using a macro editor. These macros can include information about the current…


PBPaste PBPaste is a utility used to paste script scraps and generated code/comments directly into the PowerBuilder development environment. The utility installs itself as a small icon in your system tray. Use the right mouse button to access the setup menu and the left mouse button to access a paste action. PBPaste allows you to…

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